Anna Kavan was a British Twentieth Century writer of novels and short stories. Her distinctive style has been admired by other significant writers including Brian Aldiss, J.G.Ballard, Doris Lessing, Anais Nin and Jean Rhys.

Founded in 2009, the Anna Kavan Society aims to encourage wider readership and increase academic scholarship of Kavanís work...


Latest News

Anna Kavan Symposium

An academic symposium on Anna Kavan's work will take place at the Institute of English Studies, London, on 11 September 2014. For further information and to register see annakavansymposium.wordpress.com

Writers on Anna Kavan

The Anna Kavan symposium will close with a public event in the evening at which which writers Maggie Gee and Virginia Ironside will discuss Kavanís writing, and consider points of comparison with their own work and experience as a contemporary authors. See annakavansymposium.wordpress.com

Anna Kavan Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

To coincide with the Anna Kavan Symposium, writer Catherine Lenoble will be facilitating a collaborative-writing workshop to edit the Wikipedia pages associated with Anna Kavan. For further details and how to register (to join in person or remotely), see wikimedia.org.uk